What makes a good online reputation?

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What is online reputation?

Your online reputation is how consumers see your business when they look for you online. More than just reviews or your website, it’s everything that shows up when someone enters your business name into a search engine.

Being present and having a good reputation go hand in hand.

Not being listed on a reference site that your customers use is just as bad as having negative reviews somewhere else. When many of a business’s online profiles have user generated content like reviews, their reputation drives tangible results. You need to maximize visibility and reputation simultaneously, building off the genuine customer experience.

“Your online reputation is how consumers see your business when they look for you online. More than just reviews or your website, it’s what shows up when someone enters your business name into a search engine”

What affects online reputation?

Building a consistent online presence and a positive reputation is important for both consumers and search engines. Some of the most important aspects of your online footprint include:

  • Number of listings
  • Consistency of listing information (name, address, phone)
  • Overall sentiment in reviews
  • Frequency or current velocity of new reviews
  • Overall volume of reviews
  • Social activity and engagement (especially with reviewers)
Depiction of online reputation

Why is it important?

People trust traditional advertising far less than social recommendations and review sites. Customers view this user generated content as more genuine and authentic, expecting it to mirror the actual customer experience. This means that maintaining a good online reputation is getting increasingly more important.

Nearly 95% of smartphone users have looked online for local information, with Google reporting that nine out of 10 of those searches lead to action, and more than 50% lead to sales. In this digital age, customers decide to purchase before even entering a location, so if a business has a good web presence, customers will likely flock to them rather than their less visible competitors.

This means having accurate local listings in order to be found, good reputation management in order to be chosen, and active social profiles for word of mouth. Once they’re in the store, 79% of customers use their smartphones to look at reviews, compare prices and other metrics, and 74% of them end up making a purchase

Of course, this isn’t news — the trend has been obvious for years and it’s likely (significantly) changed your own buying habits. But those numbers make the opportunity clear: maintain a good online reputation, get people in the door and increase revenue.

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